Our Story

Our Story

Lavender Oasis Farms nestled 20 minutes away from any major town is the perfect getaway for local families in the Greater Toronto Area willing to drive up to 2 hours to experience a full day of fun, beauty and activities. The air surrounding the lavender farms is permeated with the soft, herbal floral scent of lavender which offers the perfect destination if you are seeking to relax and unwind. Ideal destination in Ontario for weddings, schools trips, organizations seeking a location for employee events and tourists seeking an interesting and unique ‘Things to do’ experience.

We offer a variety of experiences including lavender tours, a restaurant, garden centre, farm animals which can be viewed, kids play area, annual reggae lavender festival, we host events, and we sell lavender plants, products, honey and crafts. We also offer seasonal classes on how to make lavender based products, lavender crafts and how to cook with lavender. Lavender Oasis Farms Ontario’s largest lavender farm, providing you with a one stop venue to host the perfect event providing great food and endless entertainment.

Who We are

Lavender Oasis Farms was established to use the land in an environmentally sustainable way. The farm’s owners decided in 2016 to plant lavender plants rather than renting the farm lands to farmers who would use the lands for cash crops and use chemicals which would harm the environment.

Our first planting in September 2016 was of 20,000 lavender plants and as the farm grows the plan is to have 40 acres of the farm fully planted.

Our Charity

We at Lavender Oasis Farms have a passion for children living in poverty and for families who work hard but are still unable to feed and clothe themselves. A glaring example of this lies 20 minutes from the farm in the city of Hamilton where one in every five families is living in poverty. It is our goal to use the income from the farm to fund local charities in Hamilton, Ontario.

Interesting facts about lavender

Nectar from lavender plants are used to make high quality honey

Lavender oil can be used to soothe aching muscles and joints, reduce anxiety and stress, and to induce sleep

Most lavender plants are blue or purple, but there are some varieties that come in pink and yellow