Our Farm

Our farm

Lavender Oasis Farms sits on 100 acres of lush farmland. We currently planted 20,000 lavender plants of different types. Our lavender plants bloom during the months of June to July and offer stunning visuals which can be the backdrop of any event. We are centrally located in Hamilton Ontario, it takes anywhere from 20 minutes upto 1.5 hours to get here from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our lavander

Our farm has five different types of lavender plants: Royal Velvet, ‘Grosso’ Lavender, Violet Intrigue, Melissa Lilac and White Spike. We continuously are testing new types of lavender plants to find ones that are hardy enough for our weather and will continue to grow the number of varieties we plant.

Each type of lavender has a different colour profile which allows colour ranges from shades of light, baby purple to blooms that are white, blue or pink. Gazing at this palette of colours is sure to invoke feelings of calm and tranquillity, while the soothing scents of the lavender plants permeate the atmosphere around you.


Our Bees & Honey

Lavender nectar produces high quality honey, the golden nectar our bees produce has floral notes which you are sure to taste if you purchase a bottle from us. Our bees are well taken care of by our master beekeeper, in keeping with our organic ideals for our farm we utilize organic beekeeping methods to ensure that the bees are not harmed in any way.


Our Horses

We have beautiful horses on our farm, both equestrian and race horses. Our horses are always involved in activities on our farm from our Gladiators racing in chariots like Spartacus around the track, to our horse-drawn carriages or just for taking a stroll at a leisurely pace to allow you to experience all that Lavender Oasis Farms has to offer you.